Is Taylor Swift Performing at the Grammys

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Is Taylor Swift Performing at the Grammys

The Grammys 2024 season is fast approaching. As Swifties, this is the only question coming to our mind– Is Taylor Swift performing at the Grammys Well, Taylor is standing up for 6 Grammy awards this year. This event, which is set for Feb 4, will host some of the finest Hollywood artists. A lot of them will also perform, but Taylor is not up for it this season due to her Eras Tour with her boyfriend Travis Kelce, a tight-end American footballer. However, there are some other artists who will perform in the award show. So, let’s know all the details about Taylor swift and why Taylor will not perform at the Grammys. Also, we will discuss the names of artists performing in the event in the absence of Taylor.

Know About Taylor Swift

Taylor Alison Swift is a famous singer and songwriter, who was born on Dec 13, 1989. She moved from Pennsylvania to Nashville to kickstart her career as a singer. Most of her songs belong to the genres of pop and country music. She started writing songs at the age of 14. She has signed various albums including, love story, you belongs to me, crossover and more.

The reason behind Taylor Swift not performing at the 2024 Grammy Award

Taylor Swift will not be on stage to perform. You will still get a glimpse of her as she collects her achievements. But Nashville singer Taylor has a good reason for that. She is busy that night as she has to continue traveling for her Eras Tour with boyfriend Travis Kelce. The next venue is in Tokyo, with the date set for Feb 7. The only problem here is that Japan’s local time is 17 hours ahead of LA. Meanwhile, it takes a person from the US around 10 hours and 50 minutes to reach Japan. 

Taylor is up with four shows in Japan and they are all back-to-back. If she holds onto a performance at the Grammys, that would be too much for her schedule. Besides, she must exit the country for the next tour right after the Grammys. 

The Eras Tour of Taylor swift

  • Taylor’s currently on Eras tour, which is her sixth concert tour. It began in March 2023 and will continue till 4 Dec 2024. It is set for 151 shows across five continents. So far, the tour has collected over $1 billion. These numbers also make it one of the most successful concert tours ever. 
  • Swift has spoken out some amazing details about the tour. She shared insights on the rigorous nature of the tour, and how great of a challenge it is. But Swift was ready for it all and even said that she knew the tour would be a hard thing to do. Well, of course, a concert that spans more than three hours is tough. Not only that, but Swift also has to perform tracks from at least 10 original studio albums. With that, she has two surprise songs in all her nights.
  • Eras Tour is not easy, and Swift loves challenges. She isn’t running away, but preparing to face it by attending a six-month training regimen. She also follows a specific routine and brings discipline to life. Some of what she does daily is, run on the treadmill and practice singing. She has always preferred being over-rehearsed than otherwise. 

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl

  • According to an unrevealed insider, both Taylor and her Boyfriend Travis are very excited about the Super Bowl. Taylor is a proud girlfriend and understands Kelce the most. Despite their great bond and connection, Kelce will not be at Grammy’s to show support. But it’s not like Kelce is against the awards event. Instead, he wishes to show support and be there for Taylor. What’s coming between is his challenging practice schedule, which he cannot miss due to the Super Bowl. He focuses more on bagging the trophy for the team. 
  • The Super Bowl is a great day for Kelce, so their girlfriend Taylor wants to miss nothing of it. After Taylor was over with the Tokyo Tour, she immediately took a flight to return to the West Coast. Things were in a hurry, or Taylor wouldn’t be able to attend the Super Bowl. Meanwhile, her boyfriend Travis Kelce gets ready to play for the Kansas City Chiefs. This match was set on Feb 11 with the San Francisco 49ers as the opposite team.
  • Also, the time zone has helped Taylor or she would have been late to the event. Despite performing on Feb 10, she still managed to show up, thanks to the time difference. With that, an undisclosed source says that this is no less than a brutal fight. Taylor must be back to the US right away, after her concert is over. 

Who Performed at the Grammys 2024? 

This year’s Grammys had Trevor Noah as the main host. And like all other years, the state was set on fire through performances of different artists. And while Taylor was missing, other artist who went to cover her spot are: 

  • Annie Lennox 
  • Billie Eilish and Finneas 
  • Billy Joel 
  • Brandy Clark and SistaStrings 
  • Burna Boy 
  • Dua Lipa for the opening ceremony
  • Fantasia Barrino  
  • Gaby Moreno and El David Aguilar
  • Jon Batiste
  • Joni Mitchell
  • Kirk Franklin
  • Laufey
  • Luke Combs and Tracy Chapman
  • Miley Cyrus
  • Olivia Rodrigo
  • Ivy, Larkin Poe, Pentatonix, J. Sheila E., and Jordin Sparks
  • Bob James, Adam Blackstone, Glasper, Stevie Wonder
  • X content
  • SZA
  • Travis Scott


The Eras tour and busy agenda are not letting her perform. To top that off, she has four back-to-back concerts in Japan. Despite it being three days behind, Taylor must leave immediately. One, because of the 17-hour time difference, and second, the flight time. Taylor may not be performing, but that isn’t a reason to be sad about. Instead, you must be happy for her as she is running for six categories this time. From Song and Record of the Year to Best Pop Solo Performance — she has had different nominations. So, is Taylor Swift performing at the Grammys Most likely, not! But will you find her at the awards show? Yes, and that’s a thing to keep anticipating. 

FAQs About Taylor Swift

Q1. Is Taylor Swift Performing at the Grammys This Year?

Ans. Taylor will be at the Grammys, but only to collect her awards. She’s incapable of performing this season due to her tight schedule for the eras tour.

Q2. Why Was Travis Kelce Not at the Grammys With Taylor?

Ans. Travis could not come to the Grammys as he had to go for practice. Kelce is a member of the Kansas Chief, who was preparing for the upcoming Super Bowl, dated Feb 11.

Q3. Why Did Taylor Not Perform At This Year’s Grammy?

Ans. Taylor had immediately boarded a plane after the Grammys. She was flying to Japan, where she had 4 tour shows, and was in a hurry to catch up with the timezone difference.

Q4. When Did Taylor Swift Last Perform at the Grammys?

Ans. Taylor Swift performs at the Grammys almost every time.

Q5. What is The Eras Tour?

Ans. The Eras Tour is the official title of Taylor Swift’s sixth concert tour. It began on Fri, 17 Mar, 2023 and dates are final for up to Sun, 8 Dec, 2024. Taylor will be performing a total of 152 shows, spread across five continents.

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