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jelly roll net worth

Jason DeFord, who people know more as Jelly Roll is a musician. The famous artist is an all-rounder and hits tunes in the genres of country, hip-hop, and rock. He has a hold of different musical styles and can rightly conquer them all. Outside of music, he is also famous for having a variety of tattoos. In 2023 and 2024, he got many nominations and even he won a few of them. Having said that, here is more to his details like jelly roll net worth, love life, early life, and so on:

Jelly Roll Biography

Jason Bradley DeFord was born on Dec 4, 1984. His more famous name is Jelly Roll. He is a country singer, rapper, and songwriter from the US. He began his career in 2003 but got huge fame only after his singles “Need a Favor” and “Son of a Sinner”. The 2021 single also got him three CMT Music Awards. With that, he had many nominations for a variety of categories.

Physical Appearance Of Jelly Roll 

Jelly is about 6ft 1in and weighs 205 kg. His shoe size is 45 EU or 12 US.

Jelly’s Early Life 

Jelly’s family is from Antioch, Nashville. He grew up in the same region. But his parents weren’t as rich. His dad used to work as a meat salesman and a bookie, while his mom had a heroin addiction. Jelly’s early life was unusual and full of difficulties. 

By the time he was 14, he got himself into legal trouble. Police would arrest him multiple times due to him carrying marijuana and robberies. But none of these hardships could stop him from becoming a singer. Instead, he made sure to put in enough work and be the person he is today. 


Jelly went to Antioch High School. It is unclear if he went to college after completing school. 

Professional Career of Jelly 

Jelly, who we know as a country music artist, began as a hip-hop artist. His biggest inspirations are Three 6 Mafia, UGK, and 8Ball & MJG. All of them are rappers and some of the best artists we have today. 

  • To make his dream come true, Jelly initially sold mixtapes from his car. This was back in 2004 when he came up with his first project The Plain Shmear Tape. After his first, he went on with the White Boy series. This was between 2004 and 2011.
  • In 2010, his project “Pop Another Pill”, which he did in collaboration with Lil Wyte, was got a huge success. It got him 6.3 M YouTube views. Following this, he went ahead with Year Round by the hip-hop group SNO.
  • The coming years were great for Jelly, as he came up with several mixtapes. He even went on with a solo album and collaborations with other artists like Struggle Jennings and Haystak. 
  • Jelly also supports anti-fentanyl legislation. In Jan 2024, he testifies for the first time before the U.S. Congress.
  • He went on to share his viewpoint and how things were as someone who used to deal with illegal drugs. He stood before the Committee, saying how he wanted to be a part of the solution now. 

Awards and Achievements of Jelly 

May 9, 2022, was a big day for Jelly as he got the position of number one on rock radio. This was for the track “Dead Man Walking”. And in Jan 2023, he got the spot of number-one song on Country radio. This was for his debut country single “Son of a Sinner”. This song was written by Jelly Roll himself, along with Ernest and David Ray. 

About awards, Jelly has several of them along with ample nominations in his name. In 2023, he won CMT Male Video of the Year. It was for “Son of a Sinner”. These were also for the same music. He also received nominations for the Grammys in the category of best new artist. The same year, he got another nomination for Best Country Duo/Group Performance with Lainey. But had not won in any of them.

Family of Jelly Roll

jelly roll net worth

Jelly’s birth parents are a secret and we have no idea about them. But we do know that he has a brother, Scott DeFord, and a sister Shelby DeFord. He is now a husband to Alyssa Bunnie and has two kids with her.

Jelly Roll Relationship 

Jelly Roll only loves his Present Wife. Her full name is Bunnie XO Alyssa DeFord. Both became official in 2016 after marrying each other in a Private ceremony. She is not a singer herself but is famous as a podcast host and an entrepreneur.

Bunnie is a great stepmom of Bailee Ann DeFord, who was born in 2008 to Jelly’s ex, Felicia. The child is now in the custody of Jelly, and Bunnie helps him look after the first kid. Felicia lost custody of her kid due to heroin addiction. Bunnie is not the only kid in the family. Jelly and Bunnie had their biological son in 2016. His name is Noah Buddy.

Jelly Roll on Social Media

Like all other famous artists, jelly is on social networking sites. You can find him on Instagram as @jellyroll615, @JellyRoll615 on Twitter, Jelly Roll on Youtube, and @officialjellyroll on TikTok. 

Jelly Roll Net Worth

In 2024, Jelly Roll is said to have a net worth of $6.5 million. 

Interesting facts

  1. His nickname was given by his mother, because he was a pudgy kid. 
  2. Jelly has shared that plays Golf.
  3. He went to jail 40 times for the crimes related to drugs and petty robbery. 
  4. He has been charged for robbery at the age of 16.


Coming from Antioch, Nashville, Jelly has become a big star at 38. The guy is full of talent and nobody has an inch of doubt. But that’s not all, because he is also very hard-working. He grew up in an unsuitable environment. Even after all of these difficult upbringing, Jelly has set himself in a great position in the industry today. With all that excellence, brand deals, and success as a singer, Jelly Roll net worth reaching $6.5 million is justifiable.

FAQS About Jelly Roll

Q1. Is Jelly Roll His Real Name?

Ans. No, Jelly Roll is not his real name, but it’s Jason Bradley DeFord.

Q2. How Old Will Jelly Roll Turn This Year?

Ans. The artist was born on Dec 4, 1984, which makes him turn 40 years old this year.

Q3. Is Jelly Tall?

Ans. Yes, Jelly is tall and stands at a height of 170 cm or 5’7″ in.

Q4. Is Jelly Roll Rich?

Ans. Yes, Jelly is a millionaire and has a net worth of 6 M.

Q5. Who is the Wife of Jelly Roll?

Ans. Alyssa Bunnie XO is the wife of Jelly.

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