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Post Malone Fiance

Post Malone is an American singer and songwriter. Born in Syracuse, New York, with his full birth name Austin Richard Post on July 4, 1995, he has easily put several music genres into the music circles with an incredible voice appealing to the ear. Reveals Post Malone Fiance ,his biography ,talent and hard work mixed with a passion he carries in his veins for music. From a Texan suburb, he made it to the international stardom scene.

Post Malone’s Biography

Austin Richard Post, commonly referred to by the stage name Post Malone, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer. He is known for blending various genres in his music, which include hip-hop, trap, pop, rock, and R&B. Since releasing his breakout hit “White Iverson” in 2015, Post Malone became a darling among the millennial generation and consequently was successful both critically and commercially. 

Post Malone’s Fiance, Jaimie

Despite fan’s affectionate nickname for Post Malone fiance as “Jamie,” the alias and a majority of details about her remain a mystery. Here’s what we know about her:

  • Longtime Love: Post Malone and his Fiance have been in a relationship since at least October 2020 after being spotted together in public for the first time.
  • Private Life: The personal life of Post Malone is very much private, just like that of Post malone fiance, and he chose to conceal his relationship from the public’s view.
  • Blissful family: In May 2022, Post Malone revealed his Fiance’s pregnancy, waiting for their firstborn, a daughter, in due time.
  • Understanding Partner: Post Malone has disclosed his engagement in interviews and how he speaks so fondly of hisFiance, hailing her kind nature and even wanting a big family.


Post Malone has been having a long-standing relationship with a fiance. They have a baby daughter born in 2020; He has declined to reveal her name and never talks about his love life to the media, and his personal life remains a mystery.

Marriage Life

Post Malone is currently single as of April 2024. During a 2023 interview, the singer revealed that he recently proposed to his long-term girlfriend in Las Vegas through a rather odd process, and in any case, they have not set any marriage date.

Physical Appearance

Furthermore, post Malone is a person who can be easily identified by many. He stands at a height of 6 feet 1 inch (1.86 meters) and is relatively lean with a slim body. He has brown, wavy hair that covers his whole head. On most days, he has his hair long in a free-falling style. The face is tattooed, especially the cheeks, and he has tattoos on both his hands and across the body. His signature style typically includes one of his oversized tees, ripped jeans, and casual, fresh kicks.

Family Background

Post Malone is a very private person regarding his family’s life issues. His dad is known as Rich Post, a music manager, and he has also been of great help in his son’s career. His mum’s name is not known, as he does not like sharing information about his personal life. He never mentions his siblings, either. 

Childhood and Early Life

Austin Post was born on July 4, 1995, in Syracuse, New York. He had to move a couple of times while growing up, as his family resided in different places in New York until he turned nine.They then moved to Grapevine, Texas. An early love for music led to learning how to play the guitar when he was just a boy, and he went through a few bands during high school.

It was in Grapevine High School that he got hold of music production software and started working on his beats. Music seemed to be a constant thread throughout this period. His father, Rich Post, was a former DJ, and thus he exposed young Austin to a wide range of musical forms, from hip-hop to country and rock. This early exposure very likely had a marked impact on the signature genre-defying sound of Post Malone.

It wasn’t until he was around 14years that the seeds of his real musical passion were sown. Inspired by the popular video game Guitar Hero, he picked up a guitar and began learning. First off, he wasn’t afraid to take a risk at the time—his first attempt at joining a band, Crown the Empire, ended relatively early because when he went to audition, his guitar strings broke in the middle of playing something. That didn’t stop him. He relentlessly carried on practising and creating.


Post Malone has never graduated from Grapevine High School; he left at the age of 16 to pursue music as his full-time occupation. Later, he moved to Los Angeles with a friend.

Professional Career

most popular post malone songs

Post Malone started seriously working in the music industry after dropping out of high school. At first, he uploaded his music on SoundCloud, and because of the unique style and great songs,and started to receive more and more attention. The track “White Iverson,” released in 2015, went viral and brought the young rapper to fame, later scoring him a contract with Republic Records.


His debut album, “Stoney,” was released in 2016 and became quite a success commercially, peaking at number six on the Billboard 200 chart. The album spawned several huge singles, “Congratulations” and “I Fall Apart.” Since then, he has dropped three more studio albums, all having critical and commercial success. He has collaborated with musicians such as Kanye West, 21 Savage, J Balvin, and Ozzy Osbourne.

Accolades and Attainments, Films & Songs

Although, post Malone is a great musician in his own right. He has three American Music Awards, ten Billboard Music Awards, and a Grammy for Best Rap/Sung Performance in his accolades. Many of his songs made it to the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100, and his albums were reportedly being sold in the millions worldwide. Although the singer is primarily focused on music, he has also acted in a few films. Notably, “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” (2018) and “Spencer Confidential” (2020) included cameo roles for the singer.

Social Media

Post Malone is a very social media-active artist. Also, he mainly interacts with his fans on Instagram at @postmalone, commanding over 27 million followers. He often shares with his fans pictures and behind-the-scenes looks at his life and career.

Net Worth

Post Malone has a net worth of $45 million. Most of his fortune comes from music sales, touring revenue, and endorsements.


In Brief, The famous American singer and songwriter .Post Malone and his original name is Austin Richard Post and he is famous for unique singing style.After the song “White Iverson,” which was released in 2015, got popularity and became the young famous rapper famous. He has a net worth of $45 million comes from music sales, touring revenue, and endorsements.Malone is a private person regarding his family and love life. Post Melon has declined to reveal her relationship to the media, and his personal life still a secret.


What is his real name? 

His birth name is Austin Richard Post, but when he is Post Malone, he is nothing but just that. 

Why did he drop out of school?

 It was music that was calling at 16, and eventually, it won out over academics and forced him to leave Grapevine High School to pursue a music career full-time.

Is he married?

No! He is happily engaged but never walked down the aisle as of April 2024. 

What is his biggest hit? 

Probably, it is tough to single out one, but “White Iverson” is one of the favorite songs of his fans; it is a viral sensation that launched his career. Ooh! 

What’s he got in his net?

Now that’s what I call massive money—those catchy tunes! The approximate net worth of Post Malone hovers around a cool $45 million.

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