Revo Technologies Murray Utah: A global leader to tech

Rohit Pujari

In the 21st century, technology has been an important part of life. It has provided many facilities which are either difficult or impossible to perform by humans. Still there are many innovative platforms who are working to enhance their user’s life. One of the famous organizations is Revo Technologies Murray Utah. In this article, we will deep dive about them, their mission and vision and many more.

Understanding Revo technologies Murray Utah

Revo technologies is a tech company which was founded in 2013 in Murray, a city in Utah. It was started by experienced tech entrepreneurs(Thomasia, Adam and Jerry), with a combined experience of 40 years. The range of services differ from software development, data analysis to integrate smarter technologies. Moreover, their dedication to enhancing technology and consumer related products differ them from other tech companies. 

Their mission and vision

Although Revo technologies started to solve the problems of people in Murray, it has some broader mission and vision.

  • Their mission: Their mission is to innovate and enhance best quality consumer electronics that will ease and enhance the user’s life.
  • Their vision: Their vision is to lead the electronic sector globally.

Services Of Revo Technologies

Revo Technologies Murray Utah offers various services to their consumers. Some of them are listed below:

  • IT related solutions: It provides IT solutions to their clients such as Automated Virtual assistance, technical lark networks, mobile Applications, cloud-based systems, business software etc. This aims to replace employees with technology which increases their productivity.
  • Products: It provides both hardware and softwares to their customers. Hardwares comprises High-performance computing devices and their peripherals. The company also provides custom and enterprise-leveled laptops and desktops to their clients, either an organization or solo entrepreneur.
  • Smart technologies: Revo Technologies is the leading technological innovation. It constantly explores new ways to enhance service offerings. It also focuses on emphasizing smart technologies with the growth of IOT, the Internet of effects and allows the users to operate effectively which includes those in manufacturing and healthcare.

Was it an easy way?

Since every success of an entrepreneur lies in their drawbacks and challenges, Revo technologies also have the same story. First one was the challenges of performing in the IT market since performing well in different economic sectors is not easy. The company also has a lack of funding with a lot of competition. But despite the challenges, it gained a good reputation in the market.

Reviews by the user

According to Yelp, a review website, Revo Technologies had earned 4.5 stars(30 reviews). Majority users were satisfied with the products and services they offer but some users also declared them overhyped and their services are not beneficial as it seems. 


In the end, although Revo Technologies Murray Utah offers an ample amount of their services for free, it is important to do self research for the alternatives. The company is relatively new compared to many companies which provide more features with less cost. Although, they become a game changer for the tech- market


Q1 Where is the physical location of Revo Technologies?

Ans. Revo Technologies is located in Murray, Utah. Their address is 139 E 6100 S Murray, UT 84107.

Q2 Who is the owner of Revo Technologies?

Ans. According to our research, Revo Technologies consist of 3 owners- Thomasia, Adam and Jerry.

Q3 How can I contact Revo Technologies?

Ans. You can email them at

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