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NYT Connections

The New York Times has an interesting puzzle game for people known as NYT Connections. It is a simple, yet fun way to pass your time. Here, players will have to find four secrets from 16 different words. You will also have to relate how these works link with each other. This game is more like 24-hours thing that resets itself every midnight. The new puzzle you see will be a little more difficult than before. It is much like the Wordle game, and you can even keep track of the winning streaks. Then, you can use these streaks to compare scores with other players or friends. With that, here’s more of it: 

NYT Connections

Connections is a word puzzle game. It is from The New York Times and was out for the first time for PC on June 12, 2023. Back then, it was in its beta phase. Fast forward to 2024, users may play this game through the mobile application, or any web browser. Also, the game has become the second-best choice for players. Meanwhile, the first is Wordle. 

Basic Gameplay of NYT

Each player gets four chances to clear the grid, which has 16 squares. For the same, you will have to select 4 squares. Make sure that it fits well within a category. Like, dog or cat, for the category Household Pets. The good thing is you get to see the difficulty level of each category. Colors are where your focus must be. Yellow is the easiest, while purple is the hardest. Other colors you must take care of are green and blue. 

  • You will have to rearrange the grids of the puzzle, which is also the main aim. Now, the categories of the day can be anything.
  • From video game franchises to book series sequels or shades of red – it will vary each day. But what you must know is that these words will look like they’ll fit different themes. Turns out, they have only one correct answer. 
  • In case you run out of ideas, shuffle the grid. Doing so will rearrange them so possible connections may come to your mind.
  • Think well and then, go ahead with your four words. If correct, all the four words will vanish from the grid. Now, your screen will show all the themes that connect them. 
  • If the answer is wrong, the game will be a mistake. You must make sure to give as accurate answers as possible. Or else, your four chances will be over.

How To Play NYT Connections?

To play Connections, all you require to do is head to the game’s landing page and then, click the ‘Play’ button to get into guessing. From there, after choosing the four answers you think are the most closely related to another, tap on the submit button. If you guess the correct answer, it will reflect the theme and show the answers in the list before allowing you to choose words for the next round. These are ranked in following manner, with yellow being the simpler and purple being the most difficult:

  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple

NYT Connections Daily Hints

Not all days are great and it can be either easier or trickier. You can always resort to resources for a little help and puzzle hints. The best part is you can find daily hints on the web. Some websites only suggest the themes – all four of them. Some sites also provide answer reveals, either one of all categories or all. The important point is the kind of website or source that you are using.

Best Tips to Follow

  • Shuffle Before Grouping: By default, the game tries to confuse you. For example, in one of them, there were four words — “Bob,” “Square,” “Sponge,” and “Pants.” All were in the same game. The plot is that all words are not in the same category, even though it was all from the same cartoon show. What the game is trying to do is fool you. So, it’s always a good idea to “Shuffle” to find potential groups. 
  • Easy Group Do Exist: Sometimes, the game will offer an easy round to you. In a lot of cases, they are as easy as simple colors and numbers. But even after being this easy, you may miss out on them due to the easy nature of words. It’s not bad to try them out and lose one chance for the sake of it. 
  • Think More: Smart players always make sure to visualize things. Remember that the next connecting word can be a part of it or otherwise. For example “fly,” with “dragon,” and “house,” with “fire.” You need to think more of the possibilities. 
  • No Big Words: Big words are what you must avoid at all costs. But if the game compels you with them, don’t worry. All you gotta do is break them down into easier and simpler words. Also, in other words, try finding a connection between them. For example, “Journeyman” and “Rushmore,”. These two are words of the same group. The connection is that each is a name of some rock band.
  • Experience is Key: Experience will have a great role to play in this. So, beginners must show patience and old players must learn from their previous games. Also, this puzzle game screams creativity. With time, as you play more, you will understand what the editor is thinking. You’ll become a master and check what kind of connection the words have. Whether it is the spelling or pronunciation – you’ll become better at picking it out. 


People love NYT connections, the same as how they enjoy playing the wordle game. Both are also very similar and an amazing puzzle game. At times, it may get frustrating when you have no answers. But all such hardships are worthwhile. And not to forget, you still have ample resources for daily hints. Getting help from such resources will have you sorted!

FAQS About NYT Connection

Q1. What is the NYT Connection Game?

Ans. This game is from the New York Times and presents daily brain teasers or puzzles for players. Here, one has to find links between words.

Q2. What are the Most Important Rules of Connections?

Ans. As a beginner, remember that you’ll have to arrange 16 words into 4 groups. Pick that you think are connecting well and lock them in. 

Q3. What is the Game Goal in Connections NYT?

Ans. The main goal of the game is to find the hidden theme. Or, the possible connection that links the words together.

Q4. How Many Chances Do You Get in Connections?

Ans. This game provides only four chances to its players in a single round.

Q5. What is the Best Alternative to the Connections Game?

Ans. NYT connection limit its players to four chances only. But if you wish to have limitless chances, go for ‘Connections Unlimited’. Another great alternative you can try is Wordle.

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