Jagruti Pathak: A Deep Dive into the Character from Netflix’s “Scoop”

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In the thrilling series “Scoop” by Hansal Mehta the audience is immersed in the sphere of crime journalism with the character of Jagruti Pathak performed by Karishma Tanna, a T.V. Based on actual events, this powerful thriller traces the journalist’s obsession and involvement with a major murder trial. “Scoop”, while presenting an thrilling story about the life of a journalist and her quest for the story, is a novel that touches upon such important matters as the statement of the journalist’s ambition and the morality that he or she chooses to follow while investigating the complicated connection and exchange between the newspaper and the criminals. 

Who is Jagruti Pathak?

The series ‘Scoop’ on Netflix features a character Jagruti Pathak, who is a fictitious character based on a real-life story Of Jigna Vora. Jigna Vora  the crime journalist born on 21 December 1983. She is depicted as a determined and an ambitious lady who rises to the higher ranks in journalism. She occupies a certain niche in the media world, telling intricate stories that reveal the worst sides of the society. However, Jagruti’s journey then comes into conflict when she gets trapped in a murder case of a fellow journalist Jaideb Sen. As the blame game starts, looming suspense and mechanical legal format circumscribe her search for justice. 

Family Of Jagruti Pathak

Jagruti‘s family background is not presented in great detail, which helps to concentrate on her career and various difficulties she encounters in the sphere of media. This approach of constructing the woman’s narrative stresses her professionalism and the loneliness typical for significant journalists. The series emphasizes personal costs which people pay in relation to the goal of achieving the objective as shown through the character.

Jagruti’s Education

In the series also the educational qualifications are not portrayed briefly about Jagruti Pathak. It is safe to assume that she was trained in media or communications which would enable her to deal with the hardcore realities of crime efficiently due to her investigative skills and fast track promotion. 

Professional Career Of Jagruti

Jagruti Pathak’s career as a crime journalist who climbs the ladder of success quickly and is a hardworking journalist. She goes to the extent in order to bring out the real truth. As for the beginnings of Jagruti’s career, she is distinguished by fearlessness and willingness to cover shocking events. She often covered dangerous topics within the sphere of the criminal world. She is rewarded and valued in the field of media and becomes a powerful competitor in the journalism field, specially, the area of crime journalism. 

 As for the progress of Jagruti’s career in the series, her path is not absolutely devoid of scandals. Male co-workers deny her success calling her an undercover cop associated with the mafia, not because of her talents. This narrative thread builds more dimension into her character: she is a determined career woman who has to fight prejudice and negative assumptions daily. 

The Impact of “Scoop” and the Character of Jagruti

scoop jagruti pathak

Controlling the information flow ‘Scoop’ captures the complex dynamics of the interaction between the media, police, and criminal world. For this reason, the audience gets to see the dynamics involved by focusing on Jagruti’s character and the ethical challenges that journalists undergo. The major themes of the story include one’s ambition, the act of betrayal, and those who seek to bring justice in a very cruel world.


More so, in the movie “Scoop,” Jagruti Pathak plays a strong female personality and presents the audience with a situation that shows. The difficulties that women journalists encounter when working for the crime section. In this context, it can be noted that the series not only gives the audience ingenious entertainment, but also makes them think about such seemingly simple things as truth, ambition, justice, etc. Thus, inspired by the actual events. Jagruti’s story intrigues the viewers and gives an insight into the sufficiently ambiguous relations between media and the criminal world. 


Q1. Who plays Jagruti Pathak in “Scoop”?

Ans: Karishma Tanna portrays Jagruti Pathak in the Netflix series “Scoop.”

Q2. Is Jagrit Pathak based on a real person?

Ans: Jagruti is a fictional character inspired by the real-life events of Jigna Vora, who is a crime journalist.

Q3. What is Jagruti Pathak accused of in the series?

Ans: The series “Scoop” accuses Jagruti of being involve in the murder of another journalist, Jaideb Sen (real name Jyotirmoy Dey), which forms a central plotline.

Q4. Who directed the series “Scoop”?

Ans: “Scoop” is directed by Hansal Mehta, known for his compelling narratives in the crime genre.

Q5. What themes does “Scoop” explore?

Ans: “Scoop” delves into themes of ambition, ethics in journalism, the intersection of media and crime, and the personal sacrifices made in pursuit of truth.

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