ERP Gehu: Revolutionizing Student Experience at Graphic Era Hill University

Rohit Pujari
ERP Gehu

The Graphic Era Hill University utilizes the ERP Gehu for its organization that assists in processes related to classes, including login, integration with Cyborg ERP, and academic tools for individual students. It offers important services including course notes, directories of attendance, and admit cards for examination. GEHU ERP contributing to the improvements in the educational process in the way that is friendly to students. It also meeting the needs of the professors and teachers.

ERP Gehu Overview

ERP Gehu is a dedicated platform for the students of Graphic Era Hill University where you may enroll yourself. It is an academic platform at Graphic Era Hill University that streamlines educational processes and resources. These facts and important notes can be passed on by the students through availability of past papers for them to use. Also, it includes planning tools such as records tracking and attendance; things that may help in planning activities effectively.

ERP named ‘Gehu’ by HIC introduces a novel feature in the system by incorporating new technologies to improve user experience. This vision can be seen as postmodern and incorporating ideas of artificial intelligence, and automation to deliver learning environments and handle academic tasks more efficiently. Some of the changes that are aimed at creating an improved experience for the students will be inaugurated. Through the introduction of the Cyborg ERP Gehu as a new system that students will interact with in handling their academic data more effectively and in a personalized manner.

Features of ERP Gehu

Graphic Era Hill University offers several features to ease the lives of their students.

  • Timetable Management: Enables professors to set assignments, tests, and due dates easily.
  • Academic Report Card: Facilitating the role of parents and teachers to track the academic performance of their students, in an empowering way and spirit to improve performance.
  • Resource Accessibility: Allows gaining access to a vast amount of information from different colleges while using the platform, therefore making the process smoother.

Guide How To Sign Up ERP Gehu

Records of clients who seek to useGEHU ERP are recorded by the registrar department. New students require to update admission detail, name, age, gender, email ID and mobile number for registration. The registration process successfully allows students to be issued with usernames and passwords through email.

ERP Gehu Login Process

Sign-in to ERP Gehu is also easy as a process that ensures the students as well as the faculty gain rapid access into the platform. With such streamlined process, students can easily access academic resources. They can also track their progress, and receive information about matters of concern within an institution.

  • Open the desired Web Browser on your computer and search for the “ERP Gehu.”
  • Visit the oficial homepage from the results shown in the SERP
  • Proceed with entering the user ID followed by the password which was provided at the time of registration.
  • After entering all of the information, click the button labeled “Log in” to complete the login process.

Steps To Reset Password Of Gehu ERP

Steps To Reset Password Of Gehu ERP

Procedure to Reset Password of Gehu ERPThese are the following steps which are required to be taken to reset the password of Gehu ERP:

  • Go to the homepage of GEHU ERP, there, enter the user id and click on “Forget Password”.
  •  Please submit the details of your user Id, email id, and date of birth.
  • If you want to reset your password then you must click on the reset option and you will get a link on your registered email ID to reset it.

How To Recover Gehu ERP Account Number One Has Forgotten

  • Go to the official website of GEHU and select the hyperlink that says “forget ID”.
  • Type your phone number and date of your birth.
  • Check the details, in order to do that an opt-in will be sent to the registered mobile number to allow for changing the user ID.

ERP Gehu Services

  • Fee Payments: Enables students to clear their fees and balance online instead of physically, hence cutting the time spent on paper work.
  • Attendance Monitoring: It also contains faculty aids for tracking attendees and seas lecture attendance percentages.
  • Cloud Storage: Makes it easier to store other files, projects, and assignments online in a more secure platform.
  • Study Materials: It operates as an electronic library where samples of study materials and test questions can be accessed or created.

Benefits Of ERP Gehu

  • Improved Performance:Saves time for student, faculty and staff by way of reorganizing task and assignment schedules.
  • Flexibility: makes it possible for students to access materials as well as reports at their own convenient without requiring the teacher’s input.
  • Time Management: It helps to develop organisational skills and self-discipline to plan activities and organise time effectively.
  • Customized Experience: Presents an individual approach since the option of filters and tasks to be completed can be relevant to each learner.

ERP Gehu Admit Card

GEHU ERP Admit Card students are able to freely download their examination admit cards from the platform. This relatively further reduces the need to provide physical copies of admit cards and makes certain that they reach the students effectively. When they open their account at the ERP Gehu login, the students are able to get access to the admit card. All other information related to the examinations that they have to appear for.


ERP Gehu has drastically transformed the Zone of Control among students attending Graphic Era Hill University. It is effectively controlling as well as integrating the management of tasks and communication. This system promotes the accomplishment of tasks, subsequently increasing efficiency and promoting teamwork. Therefore, It becomes a tool which can help students to achieve their academic goals, and without it, education would not be as effective as it is today.

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