Cepillin Bio: The Legacy of Mexico’s Beloved Clown

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When I think of iconic Mexican entertainers, one name immediately springs to mind Cepillin. As a child growing up in Mexico, his colorful persona and catchy tunes were an integral part of my childhood. Let’s dive into the fascinating life of this dental student turned national treasure.

Cepillin’s Bio

Full NameRicardo González Gutiérrez
Stage NameCepillin
BornFebruary 7, 1946
DiedMarch 8, 2021 (age 75)
ProfessionClown, singer, TV host, actor
Notable WorksEl Show de Cepillin, Una sonrisa con Cepillin
Albums Released27
Album SalesOver 25 million copies worldwide

Early Life Of Ricardo González Gutiérrez

Ricardo González Gutiérrez, born on February 7, 1946, started his journey in an unexpected place – dental school. He decided to paint his face as a student dentist to calm the children when they are taken for dental procedures. This small gesture would pave way to a remarkable career for the young man.

Career of Cepillin

Career of Cepillin

Cepillín entered Mexico’s television screens in 1977 when Televisa began airing “El Show de Cepillín. ”The show was a perfect combination of knowledge, humor, and fun. It had various celebrity guests such as Lou Ferrigno (the Hulk) and soon spread its influence beyond Mexico to 18 nations.

As fate would have it, a local TV channel captured the dental student with a face painted. From this exposure, Ricardo rose to fame, and “Cepillin” was created. The name, which translated to ‘Little Toothbrush’ in Spanish, he wanted to pay tribute to his past as a dentist and be known as within Latin America in the near future.

Musical Success Of Ricardo

It was not only on the small screen where he demonstrated his talent. He released 27 long-play albums for children, eleven of which were gold and produced famous songs that were popular for many years such as La Feria de Cepillin and Tomás. He himself had sold records over 25 million in copies and the proof was the musical influence it had left behind.

However, He was not only an entertainer but an opportunity for new talents within Chile. Some of the talented actors and actresses he discovered and supported in their early careers include singer Yuri and Salma Hayek.

When Did Ricardo Die?

The entertainment industry was thrown into mourning on March 8, 2021, with the death of Cepillín aged 75 years. This death saw the end of an icon in Mexican popular culture.

His death left a huge gap in the hearts of millions of people in Latin America. A comedian, a singer, and teacher who entertained and educated more than one generation. From his 27 albums to his two long-running television programs and a circus show, Cepillín will be remembered as a giant of Mexican pop culture.

Ricardo’s Last Days

Cepillín’s last days were characterized by various health complications. He was hospitalized in a hospital in Naucalpan, State of Mexico, on February 28, 2021 because of severe back pain. Nayden collapsed after having a nine-hour surgery though doctors said he was recovering and showed first signs of improvement.

On March 7, 2021, He complained of chest pains and had to be transferred to the Intensive Care Unit where he was intubated. However, the efforts of medical practitioners were in vain and Cepillín died of spinal cancer the following day. His son, Ricardo González Jr. said that his father suffered a respiratory arrest in which doctors temporarily restarted his breathing but his body was too frail to come back.


This is the story of Ricardo González Gutiérrez, the man who became beloved by millions as Cepillin. Who would have guessed that a humble dental student painting his face would go on to become an adored performer who sold millions of albums and inspired the lives of many? Even though he’s no longer with us, the happiness he brought to children and adults means he will be remembered for generations.

As we remember Cepillín, we’re reminded of the impact one person can have when they dedicate their life to bringing smiles to others. His story encourages us all to find our unique way of making the world a little brighter, one smile at a time.

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