Andre Hakkak: From Financial Expert to Investment Leader 

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Andre Hakkak

Andre Hakkak is a well-rounded individual who is conversant with the finance industry. Apart from being an investment banker, he is an entrepreneur and the CEO of White Oak Global Advisors LLC. He has the office of an efficient practicing professional of finance and investment with proof in terms of several careers and programs. So come and Know more about this billionaire’s life journey in this article. 

Full NameAndre Hakkak
BirthplaceUnited States
OccupationCEO and Co-Founder of White Oak Global Advisors
Years ActiveSince 1991
Youtube Unknown
Instagram FollowersUnknown

Andre’s Physical Appearance

Regarding his personal life, Andre Hakkak’s age has not been disclosed together with the actual birth date. But some media sources said that he is around 51-52 years old. He is perhaps about 5 feet tall and moderately weighted, with an average weight of about 60 kg (132.277 lbs).

Andre’s Early Life & Education

Andre Hakkak is a USA-born individual. He proceeds to the University of California, Berkeley to achieve a Bachelor of Science in finance science. Even though Andre was born in Haiti and raised in Miami Florida, such experience gifted him with the financial knowledge that used to perform well.

Business Career Of Andre

Andre received his B.Sc in USC, Los Angeles and began his career in a firm which was Robertson Stephens & Co. He worked in investment banking. He further began his career in business by embarking on the establishment of Suisse Global Investments. In this firm he took the position of a Portfolio manager. However, he established Alpine Global Inc. as well as other companies before being appointed as the Chief Investment Officer of the firms.

In 2007, Andre Hakkak, together with White Oak Capital Management, founded White Oak Global Advisors LLC, an international investment solutions company. It is responsible for the management of properties valued at more than $10, 1 billion. During the headship of this individual, one of the firms has provided financial assistance worth over 20000 SMEs operating in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. To this extent, it is evident that through such a commitment. The firm has managed to direct $24 billion in capital that has been used to fund projects across the following sectors. Energy Efficiency, New and Renewable Energy, Health Services, Training, and Sustainable Agriculture among others. 

Andre’s Achievements

In this regard, over the years, Andre Hakkak has also been credited for some form of special and unique in finance. White Oak has secured over $6,$000,000,000 of ESG- and impact-oriented investment commitments while he has been part of its leadership. He supports making the parameters of the entire carbon footprint of the earth as low as possible and is engaged in financing solar energy and plant-based plastics. 

Andre’s Personal Life 

Andre Hakkak and Marissa Shipman

Andre Hakkak is married to Marissa Shipman, founder and CEO of TheBalm Cosmetics. She is the rock of the cosmetics business. In general, Andrew abstains from disclosing any personal information about himself and his life to the public and media and follows it very closely and secretly. 

Andre Hakkak’s Net Worth 

A look at the detailed evidence shows that Andre A. Hakkak has an estimated net worth of $8- $10 billion. He is well provided with financial power more or less through a successful business in finance and investment. 

Andre‘s Social Media 

There are no accounts of an individual named Andre Hakkak that can be viewed. He often appears and is quoted as a financial reporter for Bloomberg, Reuters and Pensions & Investments and in various other ways professionally delivers his business and economic predictions. 

Recent News & Controversy 

Some investment projects of the contemporary world that Andre Hakkak and White Oak Global Advisors have invested in are the following. Although, White Oak has been relatively new to sustainable energy investment. They also proceed to illustrate and reinvent the conception and their role in providing funding to SMEs in every corner of the globe. 

 No material is available about any controversy of the aforesaid person, namely, Andre A. Hakkak. 


Andre Hakkak, who built his successful career defining the industry and his work in terms of decades. At White Oak Global Advisors LLC. He developed skills and demonstrated leadership, benefiting SMEs globally with his expertise. His personal life is public due to his fame, and his finance academic endeavors are fascinating and helpful for many.

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